Friday Fictioneers/ Rebel with a Cause

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictionerss challenges writers to write a complete story from being, middle and ending in 100 words or less, from the prompt picture. I'm taking her up on her challenge.

Copyright- Sandra Crook

“ Do you know this woman?”

  Elizabeth Snow’s bloody body, lay before me as I stood between the  detectives.

I could still feel her hand on my knee, the day I  hacked into the global health care network for her, so she could find a way to kill Cendercorp’s CEO for his crimes against humanity.

Cendercorp  announced yesterday that  they’re holding  Elizabeth  in connection to his murder, so how did she get here, in the middle of nowhere.

I knew Cendercorp  couldn’t  trace my hack, yet I felt guilty for turning my back on the woman of my dreams. “No.”

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Five Sentence Fiction/ Ability

Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week Lillie McFerrin post a one word inspiration and asks you to write a five sentence story based on the prompt word.
This week’s word: TRUST

Irene stared at the miniature ripples pulsating in the shallow bowl in front of her, thinking, living near an airport has its advantages;   the roar of a 757 engine overhead, drowned out her thoughts of failure at regular intervals; her effort to affect a ripple in the water, a quieter medium, hadn’t been successful.

 “You need to trust in your Ability,” her mother said, rested an encouraging hand on her shoulder while the other drifted into the water bowl, bringing to life a water orb shimmering with a rainbow of colors redirecting the orange glow of the evening sun.

She’s almost eighteen and it hasn’t kicked in yet, although she knew it was rare, it’s getting late for her to achieve the Ability to manipulate the elements; her seven year old sister mastered water play years ago and rubs it in her face every chance she got.

Irene felt the impulse from her mother to try again, so she blocked out the sounds of incredulity that crept into her head each time she tried to bring forth power, and focused on the water, it’s clear, supple design, the matrices of elements, even down pass their nucleus to the life force of everything.

It’s there that Irene beseeches power, suddenly the water bubbled, stirring ripples which brought to life tendrils of water that rose from the bowl, twisting like fragile, glassy snakes reaching out in all directions; she didn’t want to lose her hard earned concentration and success to rejoice with her mother when she yelps with joy, so Irene asked the tendrils to surround her mother in a rainbow.

Copyright © 2014 Glynis Rankin

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt#50 / Igor's Monster

Scibe's Cave Picture Prompt is a flash fiction challenge. The world limit is 50-200 words. This week's challenge is the picture below.

   I stood in awe of nature’s display as light and fire illuminated the laboratory and thunder rattled the glass.
“Bring him down, Igor,” my master yelled over the clamor.
  I obeyed, grabbing the chain pulley. The steel bit into my flesh, as  the large table descended  from the rafters with lightning bolts.   
 Excitement and apprehension, radiated off my master. After all, he’s trying to recreate life.

Anchoring my deformed body against the weight, I managed to settle the table with ease.  
While I waited in the shadows, my master listened for signs of life.
 “No!” He  threw the stethoscope across the room.
  I remained cloaked, afraid of becoming the bloody consequence of his failure. Instead, he said, walking away,“ Clean this up!”

The creature was a man in proportion, his feature beautiful, if you consider yellow, shriveled skin, and black lips, beauty.  Yet, I wanted him to gain life.

  I tinker with devices other than doctoring.  Perhaps, I thought, touching my tools.  Hours later, the task complete, I heaved the creature to his perch, allowing nature to do what man could not.

When the table returned, I saw the blinking of his dun-white, watery eyes. 

“It’s alive!”  I ran to get the master.   

204 words

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