Five Sentence Fiction~ Wheels

Five Sentence Fiction Challenge: write a five sentence story based on the prompt word.

This week’s word: WHEELS

The pirates of the Night Rambler celebrated finding a King’s treasure, but the Captain abstained.  He went to the lower levels of the ship, avoiding the ballast and slimy, reeking water and around large wooden victuals casks.
  “Avast, me proud beauty, it’s time we left!” 

The frighten woman peeked out from behind a cask, “ Is it safe?”

  “Arrr,” The pirate left his ship with both treasures under the night’s shadows while a fuse burned next to the ship’s wheel.      

Copyright © 2014 Glynis Rankin

Five Sentence Fiction – Grief

Photo from: Lillie Mc Ferrin

I went through life like a non-corporeal entity, breathlessly avoiding the pitfalls of heartache. A material being, bent on loving things instead of humanity. I allowed the interpersonal affection of unconnected pleasure to became my obsession, until I meet him. He was just as lonely, an apparition to the living, that unknowingly held a blind spot that lurk, uncontained, in his sad eyes. Together, we inhaled the breath of love, becoming living matter, until his sudden death which propelled me back into my  breathless form.

Written for Five Sentence Fiction

Copyright © 2014 Glynis Rankin

100 WCGU/ Storm

100 WCGU
Challenge, just one hundred words to tell a story. I'm a Marvel Fan, so I thought why not a FanFiction. I hope you will enjoy Storm

 A lightning strike put me in a coma and left an innate Lichtenberg scorched into my palm.  
 “I miss my home.” The figure sounded sad.   
“I’m sorry.”
“I’m sorry I fell from space,  generating an electrical storm.  I don’t know how you caught me.”
 That electrical bolt  should’ve killed me. “ You saved me.”
Saving my life weakened it, but my unconscious state was restoring us.   
 “You’ll be strong soon.” 
It didn’t respond right away. “  N'dare, in order for us to survive I had to fuse with you.”
 But even when I listened carefully… it's nonsense.   
“We’re becoming being.”
Not human, electrical, but simply Storm

Copyright © 2013-2014 Glynis Rankin